Are you the person who hates purchasing unique accessories from different brands that contributes to the vaping kit? Want to select the bundle having all essentials relating to the device? Then the answer is vape pod kits. You must choose this device to enjoy real vaping.

You cannot ignore the importance of VAPE POD Kits. Without them, you cannot operate your vaping device or e-cigarette. POD kits are called Pod Mod, Pod System, or Pod Vape. You can refer to it as the mixture of simplicity and functionality. The POD kits mainly rely on two components: a POD and a battery. They were made with a sole focus on first-time vapers.

What Do You Mean By Vape POD Kits?

When you purchase the LUXE X, you don’t only get the POD but also the vape pod kit. It consists of all essentials: a type c cable, a detailed user manual, a battery, and two mesh PODs (0.4Ω/ 0.8 Ω). All these components in the kit make your LUXE X operational and contribute to effective functioning.

Benefits Of Vape POD Kits

Several benefits that a Vape POD kit possesses. But some of the distinguished benefits include:

Flavor Enhancing Technology

The combination of AXON chip and COREX technology contributes to flavor enhancement. It results in massive clouds, which is not possible with the smaller alternative pods. The high-quality chip enables smart functioning through realizing the current device scenario. This caters to your vaping experience on the go.

Dual Vape Mods

Two cartridges play a role in this regard. The 0.4Ω/ 0.8 Ω mesh pods allow you to enjoy either MTL (mouth to lung) or DTL (direct to lung) inhalation. With these vape pod kits, you can tweak your vaping experience anytime. You can experience the sense of bigger clouds or smaller vapors, whichever you prefer.

Uniform E-Liquid Heating

The intelligent design of the COREX technology applies to the mesh structure featuring cumulus cotton having microfibers. This leads to the uniform and rapid heating of e-liquid.

This uniformly heated e-liquid ultimately contributes to the even formation of vapours. The coils which contribute to heating are also non-replaceable. This means you don’t need to change the coils throughout the life of your LUXE X. Also, the functioning of coils remains intact throughout their life.

High Durability

The casing of the LUXE X features multiple plastic layers. They are manufactured through injection molding. You don’t need to worry if you drop your LUXE X. It will not be going to break because of its rigid design. The casing adds to the ensured safety of the chipset and the battery within the device.

Intelligent Control

Intelligent control is another feature of your e-cigarette. With a single fire button, you can control the operation of your device. It never misses fires because of the auto lock design. Pressing the button for successive 8s will lead to the prevention of accidental misfires. Thus, it contributes to the device’s longevity and prevents failure.


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