The buzz around using a pressure washer for your cleaning needs is on the rise constantly, and more people are getting it. A pressure washer evolves from a machine owned by cleaning companies into a tool that everyone has or wants to have. You will generally see a homeowner in this time that owns one or two pressure washers. The uses of pressure washers have evolved amongst owners, and to make it more convenient, there are different types of pressure washers you can use. In the industries, gas pressure washers are the preferred option because of high pressure. At home, electric or battery pressure washers are the best for Exterior and interior, respectively.

Because of the diverse uses of pressure washers, many people use this machine. It may look complex, but it is surprisingly very easy to use. Regardless, a pressure washer remains a machine, and as much as possible, the device needs to be used properly. When misusing a pressure washer, it may lead to injuries. In a scenario where an electric pressure washer is leaking, it is unsafe because of the possibility of Electrocution. Using a pressure washer is easy, but there are some mistakes that many people make. Keep reading to understand some of the errors of using a pressure washer.

Bad pressure washer setup

The setup of a pressure washer is the most critical part of using the machine. If you have the hose connection in the right and firm locations, you are good to go. Some sellers offer to help set up and test the pressure washer, while some don’t. It is a device you can set up on your own as long as you have the patience to follow the instructions on the user manual.

Using an inappropriate pressure washer

Pressure washers are of different types, each having its unique capacity. You have to be careful of the pressure washer you choose so there will be no mistakes in the pressure. For instance, if you are buying a pressure washer for the sole purpose of washing your car, you need a pressure washer that can remove dirt and wash firmly. You will use the low settings on the windows and the higher settings on the tires of the car.

Not creating enough space

Space is always important when you are pressure washing. There must be enough space between your pressure washer nozzle and the surface you are cleaning. That space helps you to reduce the pressure that hits the surface. Also, you need working space, so the resulting force from the pressure washer may be wrong.

Not clearing area to pressure wash

A pressure washer is a quick way to clean some places. However, that quick solution easily affects many people. We want to quickly use the device that we forget to clear the area we want to clean. As a result, we may affect some fragile items we never wanted to clean.


There are many mistakes we make while pressure washing. Asides from the ones discussed in this guide, others include using the wrong nozzle, not standing firmly, and starting with the highest pressure to clean quickly.


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