The shower is one of the most private and intimate spaces in your house. And as a result, it ought to be customized to suit your tastes! Shower heads are only one of the numerous components of a shower that you can customize to your preferences. The shower head controls your shower’s water pressure, flow, and appearance.

Everything you need to know about shower heads will be covered in this article, along with advice on which one is ideal for you.

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Tips and Tricks When Choosing A New Showerhead

Here are the things to consider first when choosing a new showerhead.

· Types of Shower Head

Showerheads come in a variety of styles. Find out the sort you desire and which would work best in your specific shower before beginning your quest. The following are the most typical showerhead types:

1. Wall-Mounted Single-Head:The straightforward bowl-shaped head often snaps onto the shower elbow. The simplicity and adaptability of the single-head showerhead are its key benefits.

2. Portable Shower Head: These showerheads are attached to hoses that are attached to the shower elbow. The showerhead separates from a wall-mounted holder. Both hand-held and traditional showerheads are available on some models.

3. Ceiling Shower Head: These heads have a long, “L” or “P”-shaped arm that connects to the shower elbow. The showerhead is placed directly over the person using the shower by the arm.

· Choosing the Correct Spray Pattern

Try to decide what shower style you want, and then look for a head with that setting for the spray. Here are some standard showerhead settings you might find:

  1. Wide:Each nozzle continuously emits water at the same rate and consistency.
  2. Targeted:Only uses a few nozzles and shoots water harder than usual.
  3. Rinse:Sprays water for soaking from the middle nozzles.

· Price Range

You may spend anywhere from $5 to $1,000 to renovate your shower. Make your determination as to whether specialized features that push the price scale are worthwhile. A higher price does not always imply a higher level of quality when comparing two models with similar feature sets.

Best Australian Shower Head 2022

1. Jaguar shower head

The Jaguar Victorian shower head mixes classic style with those cutting-edge technologies to offer total comfort and enjoyment when taking a shower. Without using different chemical cleaners, the Rubit Cleaning System’s single water flow will remove years’ worth of accumulated lime scale deposits.

2. ABS Square Shower Head

The ABS Square Chrome Rainfall Shower Head by Declinko is a durable, dependable, and well-made shower head. This is due to the sturdy ABS material used in its construction and the brass swivel joint’s elegant chrome finish.

3. Declinko American Rain shower Head

One of the top choices for ceiling rain shower heads is the American Standard Modern Valve Head. Each shower feels like wading through a light spring rain, bringing a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom and promoting calming tranquility in your house.


When selecting a showerhead, the options are endless. You can find one to fit any style and budget by considering all of the factors listed above. After installation, all that’s left is to enjoy your new showerhead and experience the difference it makes in your daily routine!


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