Caliburn AK2 is a smoking device known as POD. It is an electric cigarette that works with liquid flavored juice. It has nicotine particles, the essence of different flavors, and several other chemicals. There are several types of POD systems that millennials and even adults smoke these days. POD systems are operated on batteries and require charging. The battery helps them to heat the juice and provide flavor and nicotine hit to the smoker.

To know about the difference between the most famous Caliburn AK2 with other systems of POD keep reading this article.

Feature That makes Caliburn AK2 Stand Out from Others


The main difference between Caliburn AK2 and other POD systems occurs in appearance. Caliburn AK2 is a small box-shaped device whereas the other POD systems are long triangle shaped. So the first difference is easily apparent in the first look.

Fire Button

The design of Caliburn AK2 is different from the design of other POD systems as the other POD systems have a fire button along with being draw-activated. But Ak2 does not consist of the fire button.

Non-removable Coil

The Caliburn AK2 has coils that can only be used in Caliburn coils and are not removed. Whereas other POD systems have coils that can be removed easily. Caliburn has the most effective and efficient coils as they give hits at each puff.

Fantastic Color range

There are a variety of colors available in Caliburn AK2. These colors include neon orange, gloomy green, classic black, graphite grey, sakura pink, daylight walker, etc. it has very unique colors whereas other POD systems come with the typical red, blue and green colors.

A Tighter Draw

The draw is the inhaling power of a POD system. The draw of Caliburn AK2 is tighter in comparison to the other POD systems. This tighter draw gives a better inhale to the Caliburn AK2 making it more efficient and smoke-worthy for smokers.

Ease Of Usage

It is highly important to get a POD system that is easy to use. Caliburn AK2 in comparison to other POD systems is a straightforward device. It is easy to operate. Moreover, the airflow is easily adjusted in Caliburn AK2. These features and ease of operation make it a first choice for the customers.

Accessories That Come Along

The only drawback that Caliburn AK2 has is that it does not come with its battery charging cable. Whereas, other POD systems have the cables in their boxes. Hence, it becomes a hustle to get a type C cable.

Wrap Up

To get the straight facts, smoking a POD is injurious to health. But if you still have an urge to smoke you should make a wise choice of investment to get a good quality POD system with the best features available in the market. And keeping this article into consideration Caliburn AK2 is a good option. Hope this blog post helped you understand Caliburn AK2 better. Keep reading!


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