Using a pressure washer is a very easy job, especially when you have seen people use it in the past. A pressure washer helps you clean a large surface easily. Normally, before you can clean a large surface, you will spend hours clearing, and even after clearing, you will be tired. For instance, if you want to clean your driveway, you will need to take time out to clear the environment. After that, you now have to wash with water. Because you will already be weak, you would not have the strength to start scrubbing the floor easily. With a pressure washer, you only have to point out the gun at the surface you want to clean.

The pressure washer works with a pump and water. The pump is the main component of the pressure washer, as it adds pressure to the water. The water comes out through the source with the pressure, and it hits the surface you want to clean. Before a pressure washer will work, you will have to provide a water source. By water source, not just any water source is needed; you need a reliable water source. When you turn on your pressure washer, your pump immediately starts working. There is no control for the pump, and as such, there has to be some water already in the pump. Also, your high-pressure hose should be connected to the outlet of the pressure washer. A common mistake we all make is we downplay the easy navigation of pressure washers. Pressure washers may be easy to use, but there’s a need to take time out to plan how to clean with the pressure washer. You don’t just decide to pressure wash any environment. Some of the things you need to do before pressure washing include

Check the setup of the pressure washer

The proper setting up of a pressure washer is vital to the function. Improper pressure washer setup leads to damages to the machine and the surface you want to clean. Setting up a Pressure Washer is not hard. All you require are two hoses, nozzles, and a gun. The hoses are connected to the inlet and outlet of the pressure washer. One brings water into the machine, while the other takes water out of the device. After that, you can now connect your nozzle and a pressure washer gun.

Turn on the water source

Before you start pressure washing, you need to confirm the reliability of your water source. Your water source has a lot of work because pressure washers consume lots of water. The amount of water you will be needing depends on the GPM of the pressure washer. GPM stands for gallon per minute, and it is a measure of the number of gallons your pressure washer consumes every minute.

Clear out the area you want to clean

Before you will start pressure washing, you need to clear out the area you want to pressure wash. Note the fragile items and get them out of the way.


Using a pressure washer may be easy, but there are some rules. If what you are pressure washing is an item, leave enough space and set the device to the lowest pressure


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