There are countless varieties of tonneau truck covers, so you can choose the one that fits your truck and makes it more appealing. Truck bed covers are more than just accessories. They help maintain your vehicle and improve fuel mileage.

Although their installation differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, the basic installation steps remain similar. The article walks you through all the steps needed for installing a trifold tonneau truck cover as it is the most versatile one. So, if you have not bought one yet, visit the link: and come back to this fantastic installation guide!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing a Trifold Truck Bed Cover

Open the tailgate and climb in the back of the rig to ease the following procedure.

  1. Wipe the bulkhead of the truck with alcohol to remove dirt. If you have snowy weather, use a heat gun to dry the bulkhead and warm the weatherstrip before sticking it. Weatherstrip ensures the cover doesn’t scratch the truck’s body.
  2. Pull the covering from the weatherstrip and stick it on the bulkhead. Ensure the weatherstrip attaches straight and tight and cut away the extra.
  3. Now take the bed cover and place it on the bulkhead. Ensure it aligns with the bulkhead before tightening the clamps. Turn them clockwise or anticlockwise to increase or decrease tension.
  4. Next, unfold the cover and spread it to the end of the truck (the tailgate). You can slightly push the cover to the side (left or right) to get the correct alignment. Note that corners of the truck cover should sit perfectly on the corners of the truck bed.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, push the cover slightly up and secure the rare clips with the truck bed rails.
  6. Close the tailgate, and you are ready to go on the road.

Benefits Of Installing a Trifold Truck Bedcover

Trifold tonneaus light up your vehicle’s appearance and also offer additional benefits. Firstly, they come in a more accessible price range. You can install them on a limited budget as well. Next, they are easy to install and remove as they require no drilling or railing system.

There are two categories of trifold tonneaus; soft-top and hard-top tonneaus. The former makes a suitable pick for everyday uses (groceries, light cargo, etc.). In contrast, the latter makes an apt pick for heavy-duty jobs like exposure to extreme weather or protecting bulkier cargo.

Additionally, they improve fuel efficiency by reducing wind resistance, which permits the vehicle to move smoothly during windy weather. However, trifold tonneau covers limit the bed access. Therefore, they may not work for users requiring the complete cargo area.

Summing Up

Tonneau covers help add a finished look to your rig. However, they vary in type, material, and attachments. For instance, you can have aluminum or vinyl trifold, retraceable or hinged-lid truck bed covers. The guide explains the installation of a trifold tonneau cover as most truck owners prefer them for their remarkable convenience. However, note that the installation of tonneau covers differs significantly from model to model. Some feature brackets, while others use bolts or clamps (for installation), so it’s best to study the manual thoroughly before beginning the installation.


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