If you are an avid fan of the pickleball sport and you just can’t help but want to play it, that is not that big of a problem because you can simply build an outdoor pickleball court in your own backyard. Building a pickleball court is really easy, as long as you have the necessary equipment and know the steps on how to build one. However, it is pretty normal to not know the steps, but do not fret, because below are the steps on how you can build your own pickleball court.

Steps in Building an Outdoor Pickleball Court

Finding Space

Finding the perfect space to build your own pickleball court is the first thing you’ll need. If you do not have any idea about the size of the space you need, just imagine the space of a tennis court. A quarter of that would be the ideal space for your personal pickleball court. After figuring out where to build your own outdoor court, you can start customizing the space according to what you want.

Choosing the Court’s Surface

Now that you have the perfect location that you need for your court, the next thing you’d want to do is figure out the surface material that you would use on it. Be sure to keep in mind not only your budget but also how you intend to use your court. Selecting the surface material that best fits the type of court you want to have is very important. If you intend to play every day, a concrete surface is ideal because of its durability, but if you are just a casual player and are tight on your budget, you can opt to use asphalt for your court’s surface.

Lining and Marking

The easiest way to install the lines and markers on your court is to hire a professional. They would be able to finish the job easily and a lot quicker than you since they already know exactly where to put the lines and markers.

However, if you want to do it on your own, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The most important thing is that you should use white paint for the lines and markings on your court to make them more visible on the court’s surface. You should also do thorough research on the exact measurements of each line that you’ll need to paint rather than randomly lining and marking your court.

Perimeter Fencing

A fence isn’t totally required for a pickleball court. However, it will save you a lot of time and effort whenever the ball goes out of bounds. The easiest way to install a fence in your personal court is to hire a professional. There are many options on what type of fencing materials you can use, but the most popular nowadays is wired fencing. This type of fencing material will keep the area protected while also allowing light to enter your court.

Installing Lights

Installing lights on your court is also not that necessary. However, if you plan on playing at night, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to install them. There are many ways to install lights on your court. The most common way is to add a pole on each side, center, and back side of your court.


It would be simpler and faster if you hired a professional to build your backyard pickleball court. However, where’s the fun in that? Building your own pickleball court would save you more money, and creating something that you love doing is pretty satisfying! Additionally, building your own pickleball court isn’t that hard.


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